How to Take Care of Cockatoos

Cockatoo is one of the types of birds that are commonly kept as pets. They look good especially because of the crest of feathers on their heads that they can raise or lower. They are also interesting to keep because they can perform stunts and acrobatics. They are not very difficult to take care of except that they have curved bills that are very powerful. They are often noisy too. Here is a bird care guide that you can follow for your pet birds like cockatoo.

How to Take Care of Cockatoos

CAGE. Select the cage that is big enough for your pet to fly around. The pet has to be able to take short flight within the cage. It should also be able to spread and flap its wings without hitting anything.

FOOD. Seeds, formulated food and fresh fruits are some of the choices that you have for your pet birds. There are various kinds of seeds that can be fed to the birds. They contain their much needed protein. However, supplements have to be added to provide other nutrients that are missing. Formulated food also provides a lot of nutrients. But since they lack variety, birds can get bored eating them. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients including what are called phytonutrients which boost immune system.

PERCHES. Perches are important accessories that have to be included in bird cages. They come in different sizes and shapes and are made of different materials like metals, wood and cement. Perches provide opportunities for birds to exercise. Horizontal bars can also be placed in cages to accommodate other activities like doing acrobatics and stunts. Cockatoos enjoy doing these things so if you have them, make sure to have strong perches and bars where they can do all these.

BOWLS. The usually unnoticed part of a bird care guide is the bowl. Bowls are used for feeding. Drinking water is also placed in bowls. Bowls made of plastics are good for small birds but they have to be avoided for big ones. Big birds like cockatoos have strong bills that they can use to chew and break plastic bowls. For them, bowls made of wood or metal are good. They can be mounted or clipped on the walls so the birds can’t throw them around.

This simple bird care guide has to be followed for your pets to live safely and well.

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