A Simple Bird Care Guide

Birds are good choices for pets. They can be handled freely and they are also nice to look at. Others are fun to watch when they perform tricks and stunts.  How do you take care of pet birds properly? Here is a bird care guide that you can follow.

A Simple Bird Care Guide


The cage should be able to allow the bird to spread and flap its wings. It should also be able to allow the bird to take short flights. Thus, small birds need smaller cages compared to bigger birds.

The cage should also be easy to clean. A dirty cage is a good breeding place for microorganisms and parasites.


Diet choices for pet birds are bird feed mixes, formulated foods and seed only diets. Bird feed mixes are mixtures of formulated foods and seeds. Formulated foods are preparations that contain selected vitamins and minerals. They are commonly in pellet forms. Birds following a seed only diet, as the name suggests, are fed with seeds only. Though they get a lot of nutrients from seeds, it is not enough so they have to be given supplements.


Perches, bowls and toys are some of the accessories that can be added in bird cages. Perches must be of the right size for the bird to stand on and perform exercises.

Bowls have to be made of materials that would suit the kind of birds being cared for. Plastic bowls for example are good for small birds but not for big birds. Big birds can chew them up and break them. The broken pieces can hurt the birds.
Toys come in different forms. Small birds like to play with swings. Other like bells and balls.

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