How to train Russian Canaries

Because song canaries are bred for their songs, teaching them to sing is very important. Young birds must be taught to sing. Most people imagine that all the perfection of song cage-birds is inherited, and they would be surprised to learn the amount of labor in order to make canaries' tunes accurate. Usually it takes 8 – 9 months to teach them to sing.

You've probably heard of using a tutor bird to train your young birds. Learning from adult males is the best way to teach them, but only if you have a tutor that is 100% fault free. Even if you have tutors to set an example, their songs rarely turn out the same. Female canaries or birds outside can distract them; the quality of their singing can also depend on the weather.

russian canary
Consequently breeders use different musical instruments (pipes, bells, special organs, etc.). The tapes or CD can also be used to teach canaries to sing. Canary training tapes are good options, and this method is used most often.

After babies molt it is time to catch the youngsters and put them in the cages. These cages should be 14 inches in length, 10 inches in height and 8 inches wide with two perches. Put these cages on a shelf. No division should be placed between them. In a week they will familiarize with the new environment, learn to eat, and drink.

Now they are ready for the training cabinets (cage boxes). The cage box should have a door or doors to darken it. Place the training cages into the cabinets, but leave the doors wide open. Keep the birds in this manner for two weeks. After that start to darken the cage box. When you recognize that birds adapted to this environment, you can completely close the cabinets while playing tapes or when a tutor is singing. They will remain quiet and totally concentrated on the song, just listening and learning.

In a short time they try to imitate the song. That time listen to the birds as often as you can, at least three times a day for 15 - 20 min. If you hear any discordant tones, immediately catch the offending bird and place him with the old females to keep him quiet. If the young bird tries to sing, the females will chase it until it stops. Don't put it off, don't wait until tomorrow, take him out now. They will learn all of the bad sounds first. This bad sound will spread through your young males and ruin all of them quicker than you could believe possible.

Keep notes on each bird's progress. Make notes especially on really good sounding birds. Some of them strike the right note. The most promising ones should be separated from the rest and placed in a room with the best singers. In this way their voices are gradually cultivated. The young birds that have the proper voices are trained in the most careful manner, and they need a little extra training to bring their voices to perfection.

Only these birds could be trained for the competitions. To train a bird for the competition, take one from the cabinet and put him on a shelf or table in front of you. Give him 10 minutes to start. If he doesn't start to sing, put him back in the cabinet again. Do this morning, noon, and night for one month before the competition.

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