The difference between English Budgies and Standard Budgies

People often ask what the difference between English (show) Budgies and Standard Budgies are. There are major differences between the two yet they look very similar, below you will find the information you need. 

English "budgie" (left), as compared to wild-type budgerigars
English "budgie" (left), as compared to wild-type budgerigars

Standard Budgies 

Standard budgies are most close to the Native Australian Budgie which can still be found in the wild in Native Australia. Standard budgies are and have been available worldwide for a very long time making it one of the most popular pet in a household. Since being exported worldwide budgies have been bred in a variety of colors and mutations. Standard budgies can be seen and sold in practically every pet shop. 

English Budgies 

English Budgies are also refered to as Show Budgies are different than the standard budgie. One of the major differences is that they have fuller feathers which give the appearance of the bird being a little over weigh.They are much longer than a standard budgie and can more calm and don’t chirp or make noise as the Standard budgie. 

English or Show Budgies are predominantly bred to be used in bird shows. English budgies are harder to find and acquire. In most cases you will only find them through a local breeder. Many collectors or breeders will sell some of their stock during bird shows. You can also join associations or clubs that focus on budgies and you are sure to find members that will sell some of their stock. 

English or Show Budgies have been selectively bred and sometimes even bred to close blood relatives. This is a practice that is shun but still done. One of the major drawbacks of this practice is that their average life span has been cut drastically. A standard budgie can live for more than 15 years but an English budgie might not live past 5 years of age. 

English budgies are available in the same mutations and colors that the standard budgies. 

Can an English or Show Budgie mate with a Standard Budgie? 

English Budgies can be crossbred with Standard Budgies because they are the same. The result of doing so will be a bird that is smaller than an English budgie but larger than a Standard.

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