Take Care a Sick Lovebird

A sick Lovebird needs your special attention and care which is slightly different from those that are healthy and active birds. You must understand the priorities of a sick bird which needs some extra time and care from you. A pet Lovebird is like a family member and it should be treated in a similar way. Because your bird is dependent on you and that it is sick, now it is your responsibility for its proper medication and treatment. This is how to take care a sick lovebird.

Take Care a Sick Lovebird


If at anytime you see the sings of sickness in any of your lovebirds, immediately separate the sick bird because it can transmit the infection to other parrots. Put the sick Lovebird’s cage at a considerable distance from other parrots at home. This is important also because the sick Lovebird can catch infection from others easily because its immune system has become weak due to illness.

Because the bird is ill and stressed, it is important to give your bird a lot of rest. Place the bird cage in an area where there is not much noise and disturbance. The sick lovebird is in a state where it will not appreciate loud noises and distraction. The best place for a bird cage is where there is less activity during the day. If you have kids at home, make sure to make them aware of the needs of a sick bird.


A sick lovebird needs some extra warmth in cold winter days. Warmth is especially important because the sick bird is weak and stressed. Some extra heat helps to relieve stress in birds. Warmth should be given up to 30 degree centigrade and should not be more than that. You can place a heating equipment near the sick Lovebird’s cage to provide it the required heat in case if the temperature is too low.

Also heat should be applied only to a certain area of the cage. The bird should have a choice to move away from extra heat if he wants to. Many people use electric bulbs in birds cages while some use a gas heater. Also an infra-red dull emitter can be used to give heat to a certain area of the cage. Whatever method of heating you use, make sure the heating system is not irritating for your bird in any way.


Because the Lovebird is sick, you should offer your Lovebird its favorite items of food to tempt it to eat. Sick Lovebirds often eat far less than their actual diet so they have become weak due to illness and lack of eating. Try to give them more soft food items which are easy to digest for sick Lovebirds. Replace the items of soft food frequently to avoid bacterial growth in the food.

If you parrot is not eating anything, you should immediately take alternative measures for its feeding. Now you should think on feeding your parrot with a crop needle. Many different hand feeding diets are easily available in pet stores. Pick the best one for your Lovebird and start feeding it right away. The hand feeding diet along with the required medicine should be fed to the bird with the help of a crop tube.


Because the bird has become weak due to sickness it needs some instant energy to recover fast from the disease. Also in certain months of the year when there is extremely hot weather it is necessary to give your Bird a quick energy electrolyte solution. I give my birds O.R.S in hot summer days which contains glucose and some salts. It gives my birds extra calories and fulfills any deficiency of salts in them.


Probiotics are gut friendly bacteria which are found naturally in the digestive tracts of birds. They help in the digestion of food and minerals. Because of illness and stress your bird may have lost useful probiotics in their gut flora. Use of probiotics for sick birds can be very beneficial because they will replace harmful bacteria that may have developed in your bird due to illness with useful instestinal microorganisms.


If everything is not working correctly for your Lovebird and its condition is not improving, then you need to take your Lovebird to an avian vet for further treatment. If an avian vet is not located near your area then you must travel to some distance to find someone who can take care of your lovebird as soon as possible. They specialize in birds and have special equipment and medicines for birds. So it is important that you find the nearest practicing avian vet to take care of your sick Lovebird.

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